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The increase of tire cost drives the demand for technological upgrading of synthetic rubber

the main raw materials of tires are natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, cord, etc. the cost of raw materials accounts for 80% of the technical advantage of the company. The establishment of the engineering technology center and testing center of production assembly strengthens the left and right of the company. Natural rubber and synthetic rubber account for about 53.39% of the tire production cost, carbon black and steel cord account for about 24.26%, and other chemical auxiliary materials account for about 9.6%. Different tire products have different demand for rubber, among which the proportion of natural rubber consumed by all steel radial tire and bias tire is larger, and the proportion of synthetic rubber consumed by bias engineering tire is larger

the implementation of the EU tire labeling law has increased the production costs of domestic enterprises and reduced the competitiveness of Chinese tires in the EU, which is a recognized fact. It is reported that at present, the new butadiene rubber and styrene butadiene rubber projects in China are basically copies of the original domestic units, without new process technology and new varieties

"the production process is not advanced, and its product performance can only be at the middle and low-end level. At this stage, domestic synthetic rubber technology has lagged behind the development of the tire industry, and upgrading is' imminent '." A tyre technician said so. To make the product quality meet the requirements of the EU labeling law, many enterprises have no choice but to purchase imported synthetic rubber

"with the increasing maturity of 'green tire' technology, domestic synthetic rubber is bound to keep up with its development trend, and the current cost problem will be alleviated at that time." Xiongyun, the head of the first tire marketing department, expressed his views on the small itinerary of this kind of experimental machine

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