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Three new standards for the printing of primary and secondary school textbooks in the year of the rabbit

the relevant person of the China Institute of publishing Sciences revealed that the new standard for the printing of primary and secondary school textbooks has been revised, and has been submitted to the National Standardization Administration Committee for approval, and recently announced to the public. In order to protect students' eye health, in the future, primary school music, art and other minor textbooks will be reduced from the current A4 size to B5 size

the old version of standard B - constant has been used for 8 years

Liu Yuzhu, an associate researcher of the National Technical Committee for publishing standardization, introduced that the existing printing standard for primary and secondary school textbooks was implemented in 2001, and it has been nearly 8 years so far. At that time, many textbooks used pictures to improve the efficiency of vehicle utilization, which was expensive, and the layout was too large. There were also many luxury textbooks, which did not match the economic affordability of students. Therefore, the standards were mainly formulated from the perspective of saving money. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, there are new requirements for students' textbooks, and the old standards are out of date

A4 to B5 for primary school minor subjects

in recent years, primary school music, art and other minor subjects have been using A4 size textbooks. Some students reported that they seemed tired and thought that they could divide the carton enterprises into three categories, and the area occupied by them on the desk was too large. More importantly, because the books were too large to put into the schoolbag, the textbooks were often rubbed, which was not conducive to the recycling of textbooks. After the introduction of the new standard, textbooks for these subjects will be changed to B5 format. However, in view of the fact that the printing plant equipment does not meet the conditions for large-scale replacement for the time being, the 787mm 1092mm specification will be completely abolished with the transition that domestic enterprises have not yet formed the 184mm 260mm specification of the industry in this regard

reduce 3 to 5 words per line in large textbooks

according to the new standard, middle school textbooks designed with A4 format columns continue to be used. These large textbooks have a large size. In order to make students comfortable to read and reduce visual fatigue, it is allowed to reduce the width of the print center by 13 mm to 20 mm based on the specified width, which means that the number of words per line will be reduced by 3 to 5 words. For low-grade textbooks based on pictures, as long as the size of the layout center meets the regulations, the number of lines and words in the layout is not limited

(source: Beijing)

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