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Equipment manufacturing: independent innovation, great efforts in structural adjustment, said Zhang Xiangmu, director of the equipment industry department in an interview

since the second half of last year, affected by the international financial crisis, China's equipment manufacturing industry has been seriously impacted, and the high-speed growth momentum that has lasted for many years has slowed down significantly. In May this year, the State Council officially announced the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", focusing on the large-scale localization of major technical equipment, enhancing the independent innovation ability of enterprises, accelerating enterprise mergers and acquisitions and product upgrading, so as to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and comprehensively enhance industrial competitiveness

in the process of coping with the international financial crisis, the growth rate of China's equipment manufacturing industry stopped falling and rebounded, stabilizing and improving. From January to November, the industrial added value of equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size increased by 12.8% year-on-year, including a year-on-year increase of 20.8% in November and an expected annual increase of 13.5%

the production and sales of key products continued to flourish. From January to November, the cumulative production and sales of automobiles exceeded 12million, with a year-on-year increase of 41.59% and 42.39% respectively, exceeding one million for nine consecutive months, setting a record high; Independent brand cars grew rapidly, with a total sales of 1.954 million from January to November, accounting for 29.39% of car sales. 36.54 million deadweight tons of ships were completed, an increase of 41% year-on-year

investment in fixed assets increased rapidly. From January to October, fixed asset investment in the equipment industry increased by 39.2%, 6.1 percentage points higher than the growth rate of fixed asset investment in cities and towns across the country. From the perspective of investment composition, the investment growth rate of equipment industry reconstruction and expansion projects is much faster than that of new projects, indicating that enterprises pay more attention to strengthening technological transformation

independent innovation improves core competitiveness

in January 2009, a new world record in the field of construction machinery was born in China, and the world's longest 72 meter boom concrete pump truck independently developed by Sany Heavy Industry was successfully rolled off the production line

on January 4, 2009, in the assembly workshop of Shenyang Blower Group Company, the compressor unit for cracking gas used in the million ton ethylene plant was successfully assembled, which is a world-class product that can be manufactured in only three countries in the world

improving the ability of independent innovation is the fundamental way to enhance the core competitiveness and anti risk ability of the industry. The equipment manufacturing industry supported by a strong ability of independent innovation is constantly entering the key technology fields. In the first half of this year, the output of wind power equipment mainly produced by domestic enterprises increased by 135% year-on-year; The large-scale mining grinding equipment independently developed by CITIC Heavy Industry has been exported in batches to the world's top mining companies... "In the first eight months of this year, the output value of new products in the machinery industry increased by 13.39% year-on-year, 3.69 percentage points higher than the growth rate of the total industrial output value in the same period." Caiweici, executive vice president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said, "this shows that the independent innovation and technological progress of the machinery industry have become active again under the pull of the market." Cai Weici said that since this year, with a series of policies and measures issued by the state and the gradual implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan of the equipment manufacturing industry, automobile industry and shipbuilding industry, the domestic market demand has gradually warmed up, which also provides a good foundation for the equipment manufacturing industry to strengthen independent innovation

on August 20 this year, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other six ministries and commissions jointly issued the notice on adjusting the import tax policy of major technical equipment, and decided to summarize the following points from 2009: from July 1, the key parts and raw materials that domestic enterprises really need to import for the production of major technical equipment and products supported by the state will be exempted from import tariffs and import value-added tax. The adjustment of policies not only effectively reduces the cost pressure of equipment manufacturing enterprises, but also provides a good environment for enterprises to carry out independent innovation

vigorously promoting enterprise technological transformation has become a powerful starting point for independent innovation in equipment manufacturing industry. It is understood that since this year, China has reviewed and approved more than 1000 technological transformation projects for equipment manufacturing enterprises, with a total investment of nearly 100billion yuan. These projects cover high-end CNC machine tools, basic parts, energy equipment, agricultural machinery and other important fields

at the same time, in order to promote the development of the high-end large-scale and calibrated equipment for measuring the temperature of castings and forgings industry, the Ministry of industry and information technology has jointly established a large-scale castings and forgings localization coordination and promotion group with relevant departments, so as to timely grasp the work trends of large-scale castings and forgings localization, and coordinate the implementation of common technology research, industrialization and various policies and measures of large-scale castings and forgings

structural adjustment promotes industrial transformation

in recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has been in the stage of rapid growth. However, due to the extensive development mode, there are deep-seated contradictions and problems such as the lack of core technology and international brands, weak basic supporting capacity, and low industrial concentration PDS, which is a biodegradable high molecular material suitable for monofilament suture. The impact of the international financial crisis is more prominent. DSM: high performance polyamide materials produce the next generation usbnbsp; Type-C connector shows the necessity of promoting industrial restructuring and transforming the development mode of the equipment manufacturing industry, which requires the whole industry to realize transformation as soon as possible in order to ensure sustained and stable growth in the future

with a series of policies and measures issued by the state and the gradual implementation of the adjustment and revitalization plan of equipment manufacturing industry, automobile industry and shipbuilding industry, the pace of structural adjustment of equipment manufacturing industry has accelerated since this year. The industrial structure of some industries such as machine tools was further optimized. According to the statistics of 177 key enterprises in the machine tool industry, the output of metal cutting machine tools fell by 38.4% year-on-year from January to May this year, but the numerical control rate of output value increased by 7.6 percentage points year-on-year, reaching 53.9%, and the output value of numerical control metal cutting machine tools increased instead of decreasing

in terms of industrial agglomeration, new industrial clusters such as small and medium-sized machine tools in Tengzhou, Shandong Province, hoisting machinery in Changyuan, Henan Province, and heat exchangers in Siping, Jilin Province are accelerating their development. In terms of industrial joint reorganization, Shandong heavy industry group, which was formed by the reorganization of Weichai, Shangong and Shanqi, has been listed. State Machinery Group officially merged with YITUO Group, Shaangu group merged with Shanggu group, and the merger and reorganization between enterprises is also accelerating

how will China's equipment manufacturing industry achieve industrial transformation and become bigger and stronger? Zhang Xiangmu said that through the implementation of the "plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry", we will strive to achieve the goals of stable growth of the equipment manufacturing industry, gradual expansion of market share, breakthroughs in major equipment, improvement of basic supporting level, optimization and upgrading of organizational structure, and significant changes in the growth mode in three years. The next work will focus on five aspects: first, further implement the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of key industries; Second, further promote the technological transformation of enterprises; Third, we should focus on promoting enterprise mergers and acquisitions and strictly control the blind expansion of industries with overcapacity; Fourth, focus on the autonomy of major technical equipment; Fifth, actively cultivate strategic emerging industries, select energy-saving and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment, general aircraft and regional aircraft, high-speed rail transit equipment, high-performance ships and other key areas for the cultivation of emerging pillar industries, and create new market demand and cultivate new growth points by formulating development policies and relying on technological progress

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