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Acrylic paint: increase in market share

acrylic paint: increase in market share

November 20, 2003

it is understood that in the 1990s, due to the production of Jihua and Shanghai Gaoqiao acrylic equipment, China's acrylic paint industry has developed by leaps and bounds, but its luminous characteristics are directional light. Among them, the proportion of acrylic resin paint increased from less than 0.15% in 1978 to 2.8% in 1999

Since the 1980s, the lotion synthesis technology in China has been greatly developed, and the factors affecting the performance of lotion have also been studied in depth. Emulsion paint has been widely used in large and medium-sized cities in China. At the same time, powder coating, electrophoretic paint, hydrosol acrylic paint and light curing acrylic paint have been applied one after another

architectural coatings account for the largest proportion of all paint categories. According to relevant standards, the proportion of architectural coatings in China in acrylic coatings is 24%, which is at the medium development level in the world. At present, the annual output is about 500000 tons, of which the internal wall accounts for 60%, the external wall accounts for 25%, and the others account for 15%. In terms of product categories, in China's large and medium-sized cities and coastal areas, polyvinyl alcohol low-grade architectural coatings have decreased sharply, 70% of which are medium and high-grade coatings. In some small cities and western regions, the amount of low-grade coatings using polyvinyl alcohol as film-forming material is still large, while some developed countries mainly use polyvinyl acetate and acrylic paint

although the coatings currently used in China are still mainly medium and low-grade, the varieties of acrylic coatings in China are relatively complete. Compared with developed countries, the gap is not in the variety of coatings, but in the raw materials, production ability, more accurate measurement equipment, production process and production scale. Among them, enterprises with large production scale and high technological starting point produce products with high technical content and good quality, which are not inferior to similar foreign products

at present, the proportion of small paint plants and lotion production plants without scale in China is still large, the technical force is scattered, and the product standards and testing standards are not perfect, which makes the quality of architectural paint products in the market have great problems

(adapted from 'China epoxy')

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