India announces new UAV regulations that can fly b

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India announces new UAV regulations that can fly but with conditions

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original title: India announces new UAV regulations that can fly but with conditions [China] India must ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in the normal mission state. Recently, it has announced for the management of unmanned aerial vehicles. For several important factors affecting the accuracy of microcomputer controlled material testing machines, new

original title: India has announced new regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles that can fly but have conditions

[China] India has recently announced new regulations for the management of unmanned aerial vehicles, and the Indian government allows people to use unmanned aerial vehicles to fly under certain conditions. The small unmanned aerial vehicle (payload up to 2kg) used by people does not need a unique identification number (UIN), and as long as the unmanned aerial vehicle is in a closed or unrestricted airspace, and flies to a high-performance, multi defensive, and the row height is less than 60 meters, there is no need to apply for permission

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for high-altitude aircraft and large unmanned aerial vehicles, you need to buy UIN (priced at 1000 rupees or $14) and operator license (25000 rupees or $355). From many aspects, this has certain limitations. On the one hand, UAV manufacturers first need to ensure that their UAVs meet the requirements of the Indian government, and at the same time synchronize with India's UAV takeoff permit verification system. Indian government agencies also need to be able to issue these permits quickly. In addition, for professional and amateur pilots, the cost and procedure of obtaining a flight permit every day are troublesome, which means that you may not be able to pick up a drone to fly in the suburbs

although the Indian government has launched a digital sky portal for drones to register users, its npnt service will not be available until January 1, 2019. At present, popular UAV manufacturers such as DJI and parrot do not support npnt. It is hoped that the agency can launch a reasonable plan to help people use drones legally

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