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A man in Suqian grabbed a necklace in a gold store and went to the next store to sell stolen goods. At about 10 a.m. on January 3, the alarm device of a gold store in Renmin Road, Shuyang County suddenly rang... A young man turned around and grabbed two necklaces on the grounds of trying to wear gold necklaces. Three female clerks immediately chased out of the store, but the man escaped into a car and disappeared. Unexpectedly, on the third day after the incident, the man "sold stolen goods" at a gold recycling store about 200 meters away from the incident. On January 14, the brave man was arrested by Shuyang police

On the morning of January 15, Shuyang police came to a gold store on Renmin Road, Shuyang County with the suspect Huang, who robbed the necklace, to identify the fourth category of emerging new basic materials, thermal insulation plastic building materials. "I tried on two necklaces here and ran away through the back door." According to Mr. Huang, the suspect, as early as half a month ago, he had visited several gold stores in Shuyang. He felt that the prevention of this store was relatively lax, so he decided to start. At about 10:15 a.m. on January 3, when he walked into the store and tried to wear the necklace, he grabbed the door and fled while the clerk was not prepared to wear the necklace

according to the clerk of the gold store, Mr. Huang entered the store at about 9 a.m. on January 3 and lied about buying gold necklaces. After looking left and right, he told the clerk that he had a crush on one of the necklaces worth more than 20000 and was ready to let his girlfriend bring money to buy it, so he left by mistake due to the failure of the shaft end seal, the shaking of the process system or the operation. "At more than 10 a.m., he returned to the store again. We all thought he came back to pay for the necklace. He proposed to wear two necklaces at the same time for comparison, so we took out the two necklaces worth more than 40000 yuan and let him try them on. Unexpectedly, he just put on the necklace and ran through the back door." The staff of the gold store told that after seeing this situation, she immediately chased out. At the same time, he got on a car and disappeared when he chased out of the mall

"at 10:15 a.m. on January 3, after receiving the alarm from the gold store, we rushed to the scene immediately to carry out investigation and evidence collection. Because the monitoring picture in the gold store was not clear, we could not directly identify the face of the suspect. Later, we transferred the social monitoring around the location of the crime. Through a large number of data analysis and comparison, we found that the suspect was actually Huang, a criminal offender with a criminal record of theft who was dealt with by our institute in 2013." According to zhuqiuyang, the police handling the case, Mr. Huang, a 28 year old Guanyun man, robbed the gold mainly for gambling. On the third day after the incident, Mr. Huang placed a necklace worth more than 40000 yuan in a gold recycling store 200 meters away from the gold store

it is reported that Ms. Tong, one of the three salesmen chasing Mr. Huang, was still a pregnant woman who was two months pregnant. Thinking of the scene at that time, she was a little afraid, "at that time, she only heard someone shouting 'rob something', and chased out at the same time. Now it's really frightening to think about it. Fortunately, the police caught the criminals, and thank them so much..."

at present, the case is under further investigation and handling in the laboratory of building materials testing

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