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In order to provide better products and services to North American customers, Roland and and flint ink North America Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperation agreement. The two companies will cooperate to develop complementary technologies, provide printers with feasible and complete solutions, and improve printing quality and production efficiency. Roland is determined to become a comprehensive solution supplier. This North American cooperation has made Roland a big step towards its goal

according to Yves rogivue, CEO of Roland's North American office, the North American alliance stems from the cooperation agreement between the two companies' European affairs offices. Roland distributes flint ink products to customers in some regions

"through long-term cooperation with world-class companies such as flint ink, we will continue to consolidate our strong position on the international stage. Through cooperation, we can help our customers apply high-tech equipment to achieve the highest production efficiency."

Kevin Oakes, director of Roland's business development department, added, "before we have no partners, we can only recommend to our customers those product suppliers whose products have passed the certification and can match our products, even for key construction projects. We can only do so much. Today, time is money. Through cooperation, we can provide effective recommendations for customers, and customers can rest assured."

leonard walle, head of flint ink's new business division, believes that the cooperation between ink and printing machine is absolutely important, because the cooperation between the two provides customers with many optional skills, which helps to optimize their production process. "This cooperation with Manroland has provided a good opportunity to develop new technologies and test new products." L but it must not exceed 2% eonard walle added, "it is impossible to create a high-level ink formula behind closed doors. A good formula must take into account various factors in the printing workshop. Only in this way can we optimize the procedures from prepress to end users. Only by cooperating with printing equipment suppliers such as Roland can we achieve the above goals."

Manroland matches the crystallization rate of other material layers to strengthen the production and quality control of food grade resin raw materials. The printing situation using flint ink will be displayed on print01 in September. In addition, MAN Roland also provided flint ink with a Roland 200 printer, so that flint ink can demonstrate its SFI (single fluid ink Concept Technology) on site. The further exhibition of flint ink products on the Manroland printing press will be held in the Manroland printing art exhibition hall in Westmont, Illinois. In addition to flint ink products, the exhibition center also shows the digital process of applying the most cutting-edge products. The process configuration is: Agfa apogee PDF process, Agfa Galileo CTP system, and Manroland sheet fed printer based on optical fiber technology

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