The hottest man in Suqian was arrested for 5 days

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A man in Suqian was arrested for stealing shoes to please a blind date on the 5th

in order to be able to track the real-time changes of the experimental load and other measured values in the process of the experiment, Chen, a middle-aged man who lives in Luji Town, Suyu District, Suqian City, found women's leather shoes drying on the windowsill on the first floor of a community when shopping in Luji street. It turned out that he was going to have a blind date the next day. He wanted to give his shoes to his girlfriend. When he was about to steal his shoes, he was caught on the spot by residents. On the morning of February 18, it was learned from the Luji police station that Chen was administratively detained for 5 days according to the law on public security administration punishment

According to xuyunjie, deputy director of Luji police station, on the afternoon of February 15, when Chen, who was nearly 40 years old, went shopping in Luji street, he found a pair of women's leather shoes hanging on the windowsill on the first floor of a community, and was ready to steal them. It happened that there was a van parked nearby. Mr. Zhang and his friends were chatting in the van. Due to the dark protective film pasted on the window glass, Chen was afraid of someone in the car, so he came forward and knocked on the window. Mr. Zhang found that he didn't know him, so he ignored him. Chen thought there was no one in the car, so he came forward, picked up his boots, turned around and left

Mr. Zhang witnessed all this and hurriedly got off the bus to stop Mr. Chen. Chen took out 100 yuan and begged him to let him go. Mr. Zhang was unmoved and called the police immediately. Facing the police's inquiry, Chen said that the next day someone introduced him to someone. After seeing this pair of leather shoes, he wanted to steal home and give it to his girlfriend in the future. Considering that this pair of leather shoes is not valuable, but things are very bad, the police punished Mr. Chen with administrative detention for 5 days as a punishment for a seminar with international influence according to the law of the public security administration department on introduction and punishment

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