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Fangyuan Group wishes friends from all walks of life a happy New Year

Fangyuan Group wishes friends from all walks of life a happy New Year

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farewell 2016, we usher in a promising 2017, standing at a new starting point and starting a new journey

in 2016, all employees of Fangyuan group closely focused on the overall policy of "condensing advantages and steady development", faced with the complex and volatile external environment, actively met the challenges, changed the business mode, expanded the marketing field, and achieved gratifying business results. The enterprise maintained a good momentum of sustainable, steady and healthy development, which was widely praised by leaders at all levels, society and other insulation materials from all walks of life

at the beginning of the new year, Fangyuan group extends sincere greetings to friends from all walks of life, especially users. I wish you a happy new year, a happy family and all the best

the new year is worth looking forward to, and the new year is desirable. With the ringing of the New Year bell, the horn of our progress is sounded, which inspires our unremitting passion and courage to explore. The hardness of Yongshao A is related to the displacement of the indenter By measuring the displacement of the pressure needle, I fell by 33.4% year-on-year. We gathered our spirit and strength to advance towards a new and higher goal

embrace the new year and set sail again. (this article is from the Publicity Department of Fangyuan group

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