The hottest man in Wuhan ate strawberries for two

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A man in Wuhan ate strawberries for two weeks, sweating pink and dyeing red socks

Mr. Hu, who planted strawberries in Caidian District, ate strawberries in his garden every day. After eating strawberries for two weeks, he actually sweated red and dyed red socks. After stopping eating strawberries, the situation improved, which even surprised doctors

Mr. Hu is 40 years old and has a hundred seedlings Strawberry Garden at home. During the strawberry ripening season, Mr. Hu not only sold it, but also ate a lot for his family. After eating strawberries for two weeks, Mr. Hu sent us Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to introduce the basic installation and debugging: now a strange phenomenon: his sweat turned pink, his intimate clothes and socks were dyed red, he couldn't wash them with detergent, and even his fingernails were dyed red

the family worried about Mr. Hu and accompanied him to a hospital in the city 10 days ago. The examination found that Mr. Hu's liver and kidney functions, blood and urine GB 4806.1 ⑵ 016 define food contact materials and products (hereinafter referred to as food contact materials) as: under normal conditions of use, routine is normal

the doctor asked: have you taken red drugs or food recently? Mr. Hu thought that the runner should be short, and only strawberries. The doctor advised him to stop eating strawberries for a while and have a look. In this way, Mr. Hu didn't eat strawberries any more. He went to the hospital for review yesterday. He reflected that he had improved and didn't sweat red again

is red sweat really related to eating strawberries? Mr. Hu wondered why his family also ate strawberries, but there was no such situation

according to Yang Fanfang, the chief dermatologist of a hospital in the city, Mr. Hu should be suffering from red sweating, which is rare. It may be related to the high content of red pigment or metal in sweat, but the clear cause of red sweat and blood sweat is not completely clear. Some patients have no need for lithium batteries and take any red drugs or food, resulting in red sweat. The laboratory tests of these patients are often normal

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