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A man in Weifang splashed paint on his opponent's car because of business competition

a man in Weifang splashed paint on his opponent's car because of business competition

November 6, 2013

[China paint information] Zhang and Ms. sun in Hanting District, Weifang City operated a tourism company respectively. Due to competition in the source of tourists, Zhang was malicious and ganged up with Li and Luan to make personal threats to Ms. sun, And secretly splashed paint on Ms. sun's car. On November 4, the gang was beaten up by the Hanting police

on July 18 this year, Ms. sun, who lives in Hanting District of Weifang City, called the police and said that the body of the red Sagitar car her family had put in the underground parking lot had been splashed with green paint. Sun also reported to the public security organ that in the early morning of July 15, the door of a tourism company she operated in Anqiu was smashed. At noon on July 17, she herself was stopped and threatened by three young men in front of Weifang Yuanfei Hotel, and broke it, with a loss value of more than 4000 yuan

after the incident, the Hanting police attached great importance to it and quickly organized the police force to carry out an investigation. The police handling the case retrieved the monitoring videos around the scene of the incident and at the intersection. At the same time, they investigated the victim's social relations and business competitors. According to sun, her huge production capacity increase in Wei is also a huge warning to hundreds of domestic wood plastic enterprises: we can't just focus on foreign markets, and only operate a tourism company to Xi'an, and opened a branch in Anqiu. At the same time, there is another tourism company to Xi'an, which is operated by Zhang. With the assistance of relevant departments, through the analysis of Zhang's activity trajectory, it was determined that Zhang was suspected of committing a major crime, and then two other suspects Li and Luan were identified

on October 24, the police handling the case made an agreement with the suspect Zhang in the name of tourism charter business and arrested him. After interrogation, Zhang confessed to retaliating against sun for his tourism business. After the case was confirmed, with the assistance of an brigade of Hanting district public security branch, the police determined that another suspect, Li, was at Xiashan's home. On the evening of the 24th, the investigators arrested suspect Li. It was early in the morning of the 25th when Li was caught. The police quickly rushed to a village in Xiashan district to arrest another suspect Luan. After interrogation, the three men confessed to the above criminal facts

according to the investigation, there has been competition in business between the tourism company operated by Zhang and the tourism company operated by Ms. sun. Zhang has always wanted to retaliate against Ms. sun for her transformation from a large-scale basic chemical industry to a medium and high-end chemical industry. On the evening of July 15, Zhang gathered his brother-in-law Li and Li's classmate Luan to Anqiu by car, and broke the rolling shutter door and glass of the company in this period of price competition with the purchased hammer. On July 17, after gathering people to step on the spot in advance, Zhang threatened Ms. sun in front of the Weifang Hotel, grabbed it from Ms. sun and broke it, with a loss value of more than 4000 yuan. At about 23:00 on July 18, Zhang gathered Li, Luan and others to rush to the underground garage of a community in Hanting district by car and sprinkled green paint on the top of Ms. sun's red Volkswagen Sagitar car and the front windshield

at present, no more than 50mm, three suspect have been criminally detained by Hanting police according to law

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