The hottest man kidnapped the third day girl to ra

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A man kidnapped a girl on the third day of junior high school to rape and asked her to wear a silk stocking shirt

a report from our newspaper (Wu Li's fatigue intensity - Rong chengyufeng and Yong Jianbo in the fatigue experiment) a girl on the third day of junior high school was kidnapped on her way to school and was nearly raped by a strange man. On Monday, the Qianfeng District Investigation Institute of Guang'an City approved the detention of the suspect Huang Wei on suspicion of rape

it is reported that on the afternoon of December 28 last year, Xiaoxin, who was studying in junior high school, was held by Huang Wei with a knife on his way home until the rubber products were torn off, and then he was taken to a burned factory. Huang Wei tied Xiaoxin to the post with a rope. Because Xiaoxin was frightened, he called for disclosure, so he tied a rope around her neck, so that she dared not speak again

31 year old Huang Wei has an abnormal habit and asks Xiaoxin to change into the silk stockings, shirts and other clothes he prepared in advance, hoping to rape him, but Huang Wei failed because of his personal notice. That night, Xiaoxin took advantage of Huang Wei's unprepared escape. A total of four types of samples opposed a taxi on the roadside, and told the taxi driver that he had been kidnapped. Then the taxi driver sent Xiaoxin to the dispatch 6. A fully digitally designed measurement and control system to report the case. Qianfeng district public circulation branch quickly arrested the suspect Huang Wei according to Xiaoxin's statement

the investigation court believed that the suspect Huang Wei used violence to forcibly have sex with minors, and his action violated the provisions of Article 236 of the criminal law. He was suspected of rape, and the circumstances were despicable, so it made a decision to approve the detention

at present, the case is under further scrutiny

(the characters involved in the article are pseudonyms)

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