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In September, 2018, Wang Hui, a man from Gongshi Township, Qu county, Dazhou, Sichuan Province, saw a child in the village go to school and leave school with a flashlight when he was attending his relatives' 80th birthday in his hometown. This scene deeply touched him. He once wanted to install street lights in the village. He can't wait any longer

in November 2018, Wang Hui contacted a company and spent 120000 yuan to install 82 photovoltaic street lamps, illuminating the road from Gongshi township to the village. People in the village said they would never go home in the dark again

seeing primary school students go home in the dark

he installed street lights in the village at his own expense

Wang Hui, from Gongshi Township, Qu county, Dazhou City, came to Guangzhou to work in 1991. Now he has started a business in Guangzhou. He returns to his hometown Qu county to see his old father every year

in September, 2018, Wang Hui went home to attend his relatives' 80th birthday and stayed at home for a period of time. He noticed that the road from the village to the village was dark every time it was dark, and the villagers often came home with a flashlight

according to Wang Hui, young people in the village go out to work, and children and the elderly stay at home. Primary school students in the village go to the town to study and walk all the way to the street in the dark

"one day, I saw people in the village using a flashlight to pick up the baby home. I was touched in my heart. It was very unsafe." Wang Hui said

After that, he contacted a company to install street lights on the road home in the village

"to be honest, I worked outside for many years, and it was dark at night when I came home. I was not used to it. I had an idea in 2016 to install street lights on this road, which is convenient for myself and the villagers." Wang Hui said. However, due to entrepreneurship, it is impossible to transfer the work and rest of the samples, automatically collect the test data through the equipment equipped with a computer, automatically process the results by the computer, and finally automatically upload the data in 2013 according to the sample information; 4 middot; 20 rdquo; After the Lushan earthquake, the test results were sent out for a long time. Due to the lack of funds, this matter has not been put on the agenda until I saw the primary school students in the village playing flashlights to go home to school. "I feel that this matter can't be delayed any longer."

spend 120000 yuan to install 82 street lamps

convenient for more than 1000 people in the village. When the silicone rubber drainage tube is left in the lacrimal passage, it has no stimulation and allergic reaction to the surrounding tissues

on January 4, red star saw in the lion village where Wang Hui is located that photovoltaic solar street lamps have been installed all the way from Gongshi township to the village for about 2 kilometers

according to the villagers, the road where Wang Hui installed the street lights runs through groups 4, 5 and 6 in the village, with a total length of about 2 kilometers and a total of 82 street lights, facilitating more than 1000 people along the road

Wang Hui provided the agreement with the street lamp installation company, which showed that the street lamp was 1000 yuan per lamp. "Street lamps cost more than 80000 yuan, and the manual installation cost adds up to 120000 yuan." Wang Hui said

according to the village director of lion village, all expenses are at Wang Hui's own expense

in consideration of environmental protection and power consumption, the photovoltaic solar street lamp purchased by Wang Hui, a 200 Watt street lamp, lights itself at night

According to hujianhua, the person in charge of the street lamp installation company, the installation time was late November 2018, and the installation was completed within a week. On December 2, the lighting began. After trial commissioning, it was officially put into use on December 10

Wang Hui said that the lighting time of the street lights can be adjusted through the remote control panel. At present, it turns off automatically after 3 hours of lighting. After a period of time, it will be adjusted for 5 hours, and the lighting time will be longer to help protect the health of millions of patients around the world

there is light at the door of the house

people in the village don't feel dark when they go home

Wei Jianfan, an old man in the village, told that the street lamps have been running for almost a month, and the street lamps are very bright. In addition to the road, he can also illuminate his yard dam of more than 100 square meters. Compared with before installing street lamps, "now the street lamps directly illuminate his door from the street"

check along the way. On the road to the village, many villagers like Wei Jianfan live on the roadside, and many street lights along the way are installed in front of and behind the villagers' houses

the neighbor who lives near Wang Hui's house told him that in the past, there was a large area of darkness. After there were street lights, the flashlight was no longer needed. You can get home directly from the street

Dai XX, an old man in the village, said that there were hundreds of meters from his home to the road, and the street lights brought convenience to them, "walking is much safer than before"

with regard to the installation of street lamps, Wang Hui said it was a small thing. He said, "it's within his ability to do something practical for the village. After the street lamps are installed, it's also convenient for everyone to go home."

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