Best wishes, dreams, looking for the best auto rep

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"Shake out blessings, shake out dreams" to find the most "shake out" auto repairman in the Spring Festival

"shake out blessings, shake out dreams" to find the most "shake out" auto repairman in the Spring Festival

China Construction Machinery Information

Duanzi who don't want to be popular in Tiktok

is not the most "shake out" auto repairman

remember when Tiktok laughed and trembled

remember those friends who make everyone laugh


give you a chance, c-position debut

shake out blessings

shake out dreams

@ national auto repairmen and in terms of sealing quality, auto aftermarket practitioners

opportunity is coming

shanyangchebao special appointment

# shake out your blessings, shake out your dreams video solicitation competition #

find the most "shake" auto repairman in the Spring Festival

take out your

take photos of your auto repair fun in about 20 seconds

Tiktok play hi

bless your brain hole

have the ability to laugh

then you are the prettiest boy in the street

come on

win the most "shaking" auto repairman

popular all over the country

popular in the universe

and hot gifts

wait for you to comprehensively improve total factor productivity and win

activity rules

1 The theme of this video solicitation activity is # good car care and new year's greetings. You can shake out your blessings and dreams. The short video content can include: New Year's greetings, new year's dreams, auto repair life fun, talent show, funny paragraph imitation

2. Participants: National Auto repairmen, lubricant, tire and auto aftermarket practitioners

3. For the video of this solicitation, candidates can publish it on their own Tiktok number, and carry the tag of # shanyangchebao new year topic to collect praise. Finally, they will be ranked and awarded according to the number of likes

4. If you don't have Tiktok, you can send a short video to email (@), and then it will be broadcast worldwide by lubricant information or tire business Tiktok

activity time

video collection time: January 26 ~ February 19, 2019

I heard that the most non routine prize in the history of

has appeared

hot prize

1 Tiktok likes (0.) 10000, select the top 10 in the number of likes:

a cash red envelope with a reward value of 5 yuan

2. Tiktok's number of likes is between () million. Select the top 5 likes,

a gift bag with a reward value of 100 yuan

3. Tiktok likes between () million, select the top 3 likes:

a gift bag with a reward value of 200 yuan

4. Tiktok's number of likes is between () million, and the top two are selected:

a gift bag with a reward value of 300 yuan

5. If Tiktok likes more than 100000, select the top 2 likes:

reward cash bonus of 666 yuan

I have confirmed my eyes

seeing the shaking friend here

must be my heart! Move! Yes

then hurry up

take out your

and shoot a short video of Tiktok with strange brain holes

please pay attention to the following requirements

video requirements

1 The video duration is between seconds

2. After the video is released, please add shanyangche baoteyue aerogel to shake out blessings and dreams, and then you can successfully join the activity

3. The video can be original or imitated, but cannot be reproduced. In case of infringement, the candidate shall bear the law by himself, and the organizer will not bear any deformation measurement overview:

4. The final interpretation right of this selection activity belongs to China Lubricant information

Cross Mountains and seas

Cross Mountains and seas

just to find -

the most "shaking" auto repairman in the Spring Festival

no longer shy

bold "shaking out

special appointment for car care

, Shake out your dream #

shake out the most talented side of the auto repairman

open the Tiktok app

scan the code and pay attention to @ lubricating oil information

Tiktok No.: sinolub

Name: lubricating oil information

pay attention to more highlights

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