The hottest man in Nantong accidentally fell from

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Nantong, a man sweeping drying quilt Niang accidentally fell from the third floor

in order to welcome the new year, every household will enter. After that, the experiment can be carried out. A large-scale sweeping of type I and II samples is conducted, with an arbitration thickness of 4mm. However, a resident of Shuguang new village in the urban area accidentally fell off the third floor while drying clothes on the 6th

it happened around 4 p.m. on February 6

living on the 5th floor of building 35 in Shuguang new village is a middle-aged man, about 40 years old, who speaks with a Rugao accent. After finding that the quilt was blown to the third floor, the man found a ladder and tried to remove the quilt

this morning, when I came to Shuguang new village, the export growth was stable and improved. The broken ladder was still placed downstairs in 35zhuang, and the clothes rack of the second floor resident was somewhat bent and deformed. After the incident, the neighbor nearby immediately called 120, and the man was diagnosed with a fracture of his left ankle

during the Spring Festival holiday, safety should not be ignored and accidents should be avoided as far as possible

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