Best wishes for the August 1st army day, Doushan c

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On the morning of July 29, as the 87th anniversary of the founding of the PLA is approaching, the executive director of Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. Zheng Yanmin and his party came to the fire brigade of Yantai Development Zone with deep friendship for the fire officers and soldiers and sent holiday greetings to them

welcome to Bayi Doosan and offer condolences to fire officers and soldiers

the major fire workers are skillfully operating the machine team on the automated assembly line. The relevant leaders had a discussion with executive Zheng of Doosan machinery, Minister Jin Fenghuan of EHS and Deputy Minister Xing dufa. Zheng vividly explained the in-depth connotation of "making data create cost value" and improved the yield. Executive introduced the development of Doosan group and Doosan in China, And highly praised the fire brigade of the development zone for its positive contributions to the fire protection work of Doosan company and Yantai Development Zone

Doosan has always attached great importance to fire protection, always putting "fire prevention" in the first place, and working closely with the fire brigade in the development zone to ensure zero fire accidents. Every year, the company invests a lot of money in fire control. Since 2013, it has built fire control monitoring systems in oil depots, dangerous goods depots and other areas, and plans to increase automatic fire-fighting facilities in painting places this year and gradually transform aging fire-fighting facilities. Since 2011, emergency drills have been continuously strengthened, and more than 20 fire drills have been carried out every year. The software and hardware level of the company's fire-fighting facilities and daily management has been improved year by year, and has also been recognized and affirmed by the fire brigade of the development zone

Doosan actively fulfills its responsibility to repay the society and is supporting China's education 7 In terms of the inspection and maintenance of the waterways of the cold and hot shock experimental machine, the water pipes of the waterways, and the support for regional construction, we will practice the commitment of "building a better China" with practical actions

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