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A man in Yancheng is suspected of driving drunk and bumping into a flying cyclist, causing him to die on the spot.

at 22 p.m. on January 20, Mr. Xu Mingmin Jia told the Lichi correspondent that a car accident occurred at the intersection between plastic and rubber on the west side of xiangshuihu Park Bridge, xiangshuiguanjiang Road, Yancheng, causing a man to die on the spot

the Lichi correspondent rushed to the scene of the incident at the first time. At this time, the local police station police and traffic police had arrived at the scene and were conducting on-site reconnaissance. From the scene, we saw a blue pickup truck parked on the left side of Guanjiang road from north to south. The front of the truck was seriously damaged, leaving a long suspected towing blood mark in front of the pickup truck. There was a pool of blood beside a battery car that had been basically scrapped in the center of the road! According to the onlookers at the scene, the man on the battery car was about 50 years old and died on the spot. The driver of the pickup truck, a man, has been controlled in the police car by the police who sent out the police in time. Another on-site witness said that in September, 2010, the driver of the pickup truck was tested by the police on the spot, and the alcohol showed at 180+, which clearly felt that the driver of the pickup truck had to be stressed repeatedly, and the alcohol smell emanating from the driver's body did not rule out the possibility of drunk driving

then, the author asked the police on the scene about the situation. The police confirmed that the man really smelled of alcohol, but as for whether it was drunk driving, the police said that the final investigation was based on the results of many equipment, such as impact testing machine. The cause of the accident is currently under investigation. The police once again reminded the public: the Spring Festival is approaching, don't drink or drive, and never drink or drive

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