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On February 7, a man carrying a paint bucket boarded the bus. Because the paint belonged to the "three dangerous" items, the driver persuaded him to get off the bus. The man refused to get off the bus on the grounds that he had invested money. The driver repeatedly explained that it was fruitless and paid his own money to refund the fare, The man just got out of the car

in the afternoon of February 7, after the No. 13 bus Shijiazhuang stopped at the South Berlin station, a middle-aged man came up with a paint bucket in his hand, got on the bus and walked back after he put in a coin. "Paint is flammable. In recent years, new energy vehicles have developed rapidly and are explosive. You can't take it on the bus." The driver, Master Liu, explained and asked the man to get off the bus. The middle-aged man replied, "this is an empty bucket that has been cleaned. There is no paint in it." However, he refused to open the lid of the barrel for the driver to check, and said that he had invested money

although the man insisted on not getting off, Master Liu patiently explained: "according to the regulations, if I can't be sure that this is an empty bucket, for the safety of the whole car, I can't drive." With that, Master Liu took out a dollar from his pocket and handed it to the middle-aged man, saying, "why don't you transfer to other means of transportation? Thank you for your support and cooperation with the branch company I work for, which aims to build material technology into a leading polymer supplier." The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment, took the money from Master Liu, turned and got out of the car through the back door

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