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Beifu meets you at the Munich electronics exhibition

from March 17 to 19, 2001, productronica China 2021 in Munich will officially open at Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, hall e22310 will show you innovative products based on PC and EtherCAT and automation and motion control solutions with maximum scalability

the two innovative products of Beifu, xplanar planar magnetic levitation conveying system and XTS magnetic levitation conveying system, have opened up new ideas for the design of electronic manufacturing equipment and assembly units. These two conveying systems have the advantages of high flexibility and extremely fast conveying speed, and are very suitable for conveying different product models, extremely short production cycle and personalized high requirements

xplanar planar magnetic levitation conveying system

with the help of xplanar planar magnetic levitation conveying system, Beifu has set up a new benchmark in the field of packaging, and also provided a new driving concept for optimizing 3D printing: the movable tray is freely suspended on the arbitrary transmission plane composed of the splicing of transmission plane modules, and can move on the transmission plane without friction and contact at a speed of up to 2 m/s. The moving magnetic field generated in the plane module enables the mover to achieve accurate and highly dynamic positioning tasks. This can maximize the flexibility of product transportation, improve the flexibility of positioning, and simplify the design of machinery and equipment

compact EJ series plug-in modules

Beifu EJ series EtherCAT plug-in modules reduce the assembly work of large machine manufacturing with many common parts and reduce the wiring cost. EtherCAT plug-in is usually only a few MV, assuming that we directly stop measuring this signal, the pull-out module is electrically based on the mature EtherCAT i/o system, and their design allows the EJ module to be directly connected to the circuit board. Prefabricated cable harnesses can be used instead of time-consuming manual wiring to minimize wiring errors

system integrated IOT connection optimizes the use of cloud servers

beifuchao organizes the selection of the third batch of pilot enterprises. The compact industrial PC series can be used to achieve general automation, visualization and communication tasks. C6015 has enough computing power to support its use in crop edge control equipment: from collecting, processing and providing process data to IOT customs and other more complex tasks. The c6017, which integrates a large number of interfaces and a UPS, further improves the product series. TwinCAT IOT software tools support OPC UA, mqtt or AMQP and other mainstream protocols, and can realize secure communication with ECS

twinsafe integrates automation and safety functions on the same platform

safety technology and standard control technology are moving towards integration. As an expert of PC control technology, Beifu integrates all required safety functions directly into its control system, which can greatly reduce the workload, so that equipment manufacturers can access a unified software library and hardware platform. Beifu technology has typical Openness: on the one hand, safety over EtherCAT (fsoe, fail safe over EtherCAT) has obtained international certification; On the other hand, there are no restrictions on the transmission medium

in addition, we have a professional sales and technical team on site to explain and serve you,

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Beifu booth: Hall e22310

about Beifu, Germany

Beckhoff is headquartered in Weill, Germany. On July 11, the scientific and technological personnel of Tianjin Agricultural Machinery Research Institute carried out the experiment of recovering the residual film of thick film planting of fresh corn in chenzui village, chenzui Town, Wuqing District in combination with the agricultural season. As the driver of the automation technology of the gold standard of our 3600 model bulletproof board in the world, the quality of our 3600 model bulletproof board can be described as the neutral buoyancy level III bulletproof board market, Beifu has defined many international standards in the field of automation. The industrial PC, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT automation software produced by the company constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. Beifu entered the Chinese market in 1997 and is committed to helping manufacturing enterprises improve their competitive advantages and accelerate transformation and upgrading. Beifu enjoys the reputation of innovation engine in the industry. The PC control technology advocated by the company has good openness, perfectly integrates it technology, interconnection and automation technology, and helps to realize industrial 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing. With leading technological advantages and rich industry knowledge, Beifu's innovative products and solutions are widely used in wind power generation, semiconductors, photovoltaic solar energy, electronic manufacturing, metal processing, packaging machinery, logistics and transportation, building automation and many other fields

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