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Jingshan man ran his own "printing house" and printed more than 30000 fake money

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core tip: Recently, Jingshan County Public Security Bureau announced that it had successfully detected a case of counterfeiting and selling currency, and two suspect Yan Zhao and Shaohai (pseudonym) had been successfully arrested by waterproof materials, which can be divided into solid and liquid coatings, A few days ago, he was transferred for prosecution

[China Packaging News] recently, the Jingshan County Public Security Bureau announced that it had successfully detected a case of counterfeiting and selling currency. Two suspect, Yan Zhao and Shaohai (a pseudonym), had been successfully arrested and transferred for prosecution a few days ago

in early November 2016, the police in Xiangtan, Hunan Province cracked a case of counterfeiting and selling counterfeit money. It was found that residents of Jingshan County provided usable biogas for waste treatment facilities. Yan Zhao had transactions with Yan, the suspect of selling counterfeit money. After thorough investigation and control, the Economic Investigation Brigade of Jingshan County Public Security Bureau raided Yan Zhao's residence on the outskirts of Xinshi town on November 17, 2016. 87 counterfeit coins with a face value of 20 yuan were seized, and Yan Zhao, a suspect suspected of buying and holding counterfeit coins, was arrested on the spot. After examination, Yan Zhao confessed to buying a total of 6000 counterfeit 20 yuan coins from Yan somewhere in Hunan for personal consumption. His behavior has been suspected of buying and using counterfeit money, and the economic investigation team immediately filed a case for investigation

after further in-depth investigation, the police handling the case found that Yan Zhao's purchase records contained transaction information of a large number of professional printing equipment such as rice paper, printers, electronic templates, etc. Through in-depth investigation, it was found that he was frequently active in the chat group of illegal printing technology, there were many software and tutorials on the computer, he bought printing equipment and materials for many times, and often exchanged the experience of printing counterfeit money with other friends. In the face of a large amount of evidence, Yan Zhao confessed that since February 2016, he had come up with the idea of printing counterfeit money by himself in the activities of buying and selling counterfeit money through chat groups on the Internet. He successively purchased printers, bronzing machines, seals, RMB electronic templates and other counterfeit money equipment through the Internet, and learned the technology of printing counterfeit money through friend exchanges

in July 2016, Yan Zhao rented a house on the fourth floor of a building near the street on Qingji Avenue in Xinshi Town, and placed six printers, a bronzing machine and supporting computer hosts in the rental house. It cost more than 30000 yuan to buy various raw materials for printing counterfeit money, and the weight of paper materials alone reached more than one ton. A total of 18000 counterfeit RMB with denominations of 10 yuan and 20 yuan were printed. According to his account, the reason why all small denominations are printed is that people are generally not vigilant about small notes, which is easy to get out. Due to the limited printing level, about 2000 pieces (referring to the high degree of simulation) were actually printed successfully, with a total face value of more than 30000 yuan. Some counterfeit coins have been sold to other places through network channels

in mid November 2016, Xiangtan police filed an investigation into Yan's case of counterfeiting and selling counterfeit money. Yan Zhao felt that the east window was about to happen, so he destroyed the printer and other equipment and printing garbage that forged money in the rental house. After that, I asked my friend Shaohai to remove and destroy the electricity used to forge money, which has become the development focus of the world's chemical industry. Shaohai was only recognized in the market because he was suspected of helping to destroy evidence. He was arrested by Jingshan police in early March this year

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