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Yunnan news (Zhaogang correspondent zhangyaohui Yuan Hong) on the day of Ke, the people's Court of Jinping County, Yunnan Province concluded a rape case caused by "opening the door to prevent rotting thieves". Liu was sentenced to three years for forcibly having sexual relations with her people

it is reported that one day in October last year, Bai met his friend Wang in Jinping County. 2 After the product equipment was in place, Meiyi gave him a ride in his car. It was late at Mr. Bai's house and Mr. Wang stayed overnight. Bai and his wife Liu killed chickens to cook, treated guests warmly, and also hired relatives and friends to eat and drink all the way. Later, Bai and others separated one after another. Wang said that he drank more than a kilo of Baijiu and was drunk. Late the next night, Mr. Wang pulled Mr. Liu to bed and forced him to have sex with him

At about 6:00 p.m., after Bai came home, he heard his wife crying that he was raped by Wang, and immediately reported to the public security department 4.2 log sweep frequency: police, the post Yi People's police arrested Wang who was sleeping in Bai's home

the Jinping County investigation court filed a public A. load yuan: 10-50kn interval matching lawsuit, and the Jinping court heard the case in private. In the court trial, the plaintiff, Mr. Wang, proposed that Mr. Liu had consensual sexual relations with him without violence or coercion. The defender proposed that there was no definite view on the reality of the sexual relationship between Wang and Liu, but the reality of this case was unclear and the evidence was lacking

after the trial, the people's Court of Jinping believed that the evidence such as material evidence, documentary evidence, victim's statement, evidence testimony, expert opinion, on-site investigation, checking the record, extracting the record, identifying the record and photos, and the plaintiff's confession was sufficient to determine that Wang had violated women's will and forcibly had sex with women, and his action had constituted the crime of rape. After Wang came to the case, he truthfully confessed to the reality of breaking the law and was given a lighter punishment. Wang's action offended the relevant provisions of China's criminal law. The court of First Instance sentenced Wang to three years' imprisonment for rape

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