The hottest man molested an 8-year-old girl and wa

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The man molested an 8-year-old girl and was kicked down by the girl's neighbor for half a minute.

the man was so obscene that he put his hands into an 8-year-old girl's pants and touched them. I ran over and kicked him to the ground, shouting to catch the coyote. At about 16:00 on October 10, a shocking scene occurred near a public wash basin in the decoration world of Wuli temple on the East Second Ring Road of Hefei. After Ms. Dou, the business owner, kicked the man Wang down, a number of enthusiastic people surrounded him. The police of the police station in the area rushed to the scene and transferred Wang, who was suspected of molesting girls, to the criminal police team in the area. At present, the criminal police are investigating and handling this matter

at about 16:00 on the same day, Qiong Qiong (a pseudonym), 8, was washing lunch boxes by a public wash basin in area C of the decoration world at Wuli temple on the East Second Ring Road. Qiongqiong's parents run a building materials shop in area C. when their children wash lunch boxes, they are talking business with customers in the store. Ms. Dou's shop was facing the sink. She saw that Qiong Qiong had just washed by the sink. A strange man in a gray hat approached Qiong Qiong from behind and made some indecent moves. "Then he put his hands into her pants as if there were no one else." This scene was also seen by another business owner, Ms. Wang, "the man touched it for more than half a minute, Qiong Qiong was too scared to shout, and a section of her pants was pulled off." Ms. Wang hurried to find Joan's parents, and at this time, Ms. Dou had trotted over to the man

[containment] the man was surrounded by the business owners.

when Ms. Dou rushed from behind, she couldn't use it twice, and the man didn't pay attention. "It's shameless to let you play hooligans." In the blink of an eye, Ms. Dou kicked the man's ass hard, and the man fell to the ground all at once. Ms. Wang and other business owners also rushed over and surrounded the man. Ms. Wang said that the man seemed to know that he had done something shameless. After being kicked down, he didn't argue anything and just wanted to run. But at that time, he was surrounded by business operators. Soon, Joan's parents rushed into the "encirclement"

according to several witnesses, Qiong Qiong's mother, Ms. Liu, learned that her daughter had been bullied and punched the man in the face with one punch. Double a) improved the technical indicators of the original licensed product; ' Fang had a fight. At this time, some operators called the police. Soon, the police of the local police station rushed to the scene to control the man

[investigation] the police retrieved the surveillance video for verification

after a sudden on-site trial, the man's name was Wang, 48 years old, from CuO Town, Feidong County. According to the police, Mr. Wang initially argued that he would decorate the world and buy things himself, but he couldn't say what he wanted to buy. In many cases, without the confirmation of returning to the camp, Wang admitted that he touched Qiong Qiong's ass. On the same day, Wang was transferred by the police station to the criminal police team under the jurisdiction

at the police scene on the same day, the police asked Qiong Qiong. Qiongqiong said that she was indeed touched by a man by the sink, and the man put his hand into her pants. Because she was frightened and her parents were not around, she didn't know what to do for a moment. As for her daughter's experience, her mother, Ms. Liu, said that she was busy in the store with her husband at that time, and thanked her kind neighbors for helping her in time

yesterday, it was learned that the criminal police department in the jurisdiction had retrieved the surveillance video of the location of the incident and was investigating and handling the matter. Intern wuyanhong Wuyang qimeiyi

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