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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the 2015 Meiyin carton industry (Changsha) fellowship

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Hangzhou Pinxiang Technology Co., Ltd.

softness meter, tear meter, carton edge pressure meter, folding resistance meter, corrugated carton detector.. the proportion, quantity and variety of automotive aluminum materials in the exhibits this year have increased significantly compared with the past.

your current position: home page as of the end of March, the center congratulates 2015 American printing carton industry (Changsha) The fraternity came to a successful conclusion

congratulations on 2015, in which the sealing strip, skylight, door lock, seat, roof liner and process glue have made a great "contribution" to the VOC content of the whole vehicle. The fraternity of the US India carton industry (Changsha) came to a successful conclusion

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on August 20, 2015 the fraternity of the US India carton industry (Changsha) and the 15th anniversary celebration of the founding of the three new companies in Zhuzhou were held in Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, Changsha. Suhongbo, general manager of Hangzhou Pinxiang technology, and shaoyeling, regional manager, attended the meeting

this event was hosted by Hunan Packaging Technology Association and Zhuzhou Sanxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., CO organized by the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation and Shanghai Meiyin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and was strongly supported by the industry's well-known magazines "carton world", "color box world", "Packaging Manager" and the industry's largest exhibition, China International Corrugated exhibition, China International color box exhibition! During the event, more than 600 industry elites gathered in Changsha, Hunan Province to participate in this industry event

at 6 p.m. on August 18, Zhuzhou Sanxin's new product strategy launch and 15th anniversary celebration were followed by Zhuzhou Sanxin's 15th anniversary dinner. Guests gathered in the auditorium to have a good drink and chat

on August 19, the Japanese carton factory held a seminar on the application technology of honeycomb paperboard in the carton industry of China's carton factory in the future. Zhuzhou Sanxin new product new strategy exhibition also kicked off in the afternoon, showing all participants the application of new technology in new equipment in an all-round way, which opened everyone's eyes

on August 20, it is mainly to lead the participants of all companies to visit the equipment factory, see all kinds of equipment in the factory and be familiar with the factory operation process

the three-day intense and substantial conference, lecture, training and exchange soon ended. The participating companies not only came to learn and understand new knowledge and new products in the professional field, but also came to carry out industry exchanges and make friends. May time pass and the friendship last forever

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