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Epidemic prevention and control in Puyang Street of Pujiang River: you in the wind and rain under the street lamp

on the evening of February 6, I walked into the anti epidemic front line of Puyang Street of Pujiang River. Their scenes under the street lamp moved me, made me proud, and I was proud of being a Puyang person

lens 1: at 21:00, Dai Jizhong, wearing a raincoat and a rain hat, and his "comrades in arms" sealed the roads at the entrances and exits of Fengjing community

he is the Secretary of the general Party branch of Nanyuan community, Puyang Street. His comrades in arms are party members, cadres and volunteers in Nanyuan community. Every day, he should not only plan and arrange the epidemic prevention work of the whole community, but also guide all prevention and control work in depth. On the evening of the 6th, he and his "comrades in arms" were carrying out road closure construction

"today, we have two more comrades in arms. They are volunteers who volunteered to come to the community today. Dai Jihe checked the fuselage fixation and Tong JianZheng." Dai Jizhong introduced his new comrades to his comrades in arms while working. "Come on, we must speed up our actions and finish the road closure operation in Fengjing community tonight." With fresh blood, Dai Jizhong is full of confidence

lens 2: you on duty at the intersection of Fenghe road and Xianhua Road, the resident representatives on duty dongzhongming and Dongjiangyuan are checking the passing vehicles in the rain. It is understood that this is one of the checkpoints left by Yuequan community after the implementation of closed management. Tonight is the first night after the closure of Yuequan community. Panyuyang, Secretary of the general Party branch of the community, led the team on duty

"in extraordinary times, Yuequan community implements strict management measures. No foreign vehicles are allowed to enter, and people entering and leaving the community must have a health examination." Panyuyang said, "after the road closure and management of the whole community, the strength of Party members and cadres was seriously insufficient, so we transferred personnel from residents' representatives and industry committees. There were three shifts every day, eight hours per shift, to ensure that 24-hour continuous checkpoints were set up to comprehensively protect the health of residents."

lens 3: you in health monitoring

"your temperature is 36.5, you don't have a fever, don't worry too much, and feel at home to observe the advantages of stable performance, stable operation and low noise of all systems for a few days." At 10:00 p.m., Zhou Xinlong and Yuan Fuqiang, Party members and cadres of the West Railway Station community, together with the medical staff, came to the door to have a health examination of a new key observer in Dongfang blue county, and incorporated it into the home medical observation management

home medical observation registration, notification, book signing, etc. the continuous improvement of industry concentration or monopoly is an important trend in the development of biomedical materials industry. They are all carrying out one by one. "We come to check you twice a day in the morning and evening. We will help you purchase living supplies. Just tie your garbage and put it at the door. We will collect it uniformly. If there is anything Yongxing special steel says, we need to contact at any time." After telling the precautions, Zhou Xinlong closed the door and posted a sign of "home medical observation point" outside the door, indicating the observation time and other matters, and implemented lighting management

shot 4: you who sent the midnight snack

"come on, let's eat some midnight snack and warm up." In Shanqing village, Chen Chunxia and her husband Ying Tugen carried a large pressure cooker and greeted the party members and cadres on duty to have a snack

tonight, Chen Chunxia brought pumpkin porridge to the party members and cadres on duty. The side dish was pickled vegetables and fried dried beans. In this cold winter night, it warmed the hearts of the officers on duty again

On the afternoon of the 4th, she and her husband went out to buy vegetables and saw someone on duty at the entrance of the village. She felt that the personnel on duty were very hard, so she made a midnight snack and sent it to them. Today was the third day that she and her husband sent a midnight snack to the personnel on duty

it is worth mentioning that Mr. and Mrs. Chen Chunxia walked two kilometers in the rain to deliver the midnight snack for the duty personnel

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