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Propaganda workers held a symposium on learning from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang and representatives of model workers

propaganda workers held a symposium on learning from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang and representatives of model workers for the first time at the Third Plenary Session of the 108th CPC Central Committee

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in order to further carry forward the spirit of model workers, give play to the exemplary and leading role of model workers in the preparation process of mixed ingredients, and set off a new upsurge of learning from model workers in the whole company. On the afternoon of May 7, Hebei Xuangong company held a symposium on learning from Comrade Zheng Jiuqiang and representatives of model workers. Chang Zhanfang, chairman of the company, had a cordial discussion with 15 model workers from the grass-roots level and stressed that the history of publicity work was created by all publicity workers represented by model workers. The spirit of model workers drives all publicity workers to make unremitting efforts to promote the development of the enterprise. This invisible force is a great wealth for publicity workers. We should build a broad platform for the growth of workers, take into account the model workers, and take the spirit of model workers as the guidance and support to improve the spirit of the company

members of the company's leading group, model workers above the city level and 2014 model workers, and heads of relevant departments of the company attended the symposium. Zhangzhanhai, chairman of the labor union of the company, presided over the meeting

at the meeting, the company's leaders and model workers' representatives watched the propaganda film of Zheng Jiuqiang's deeds. 15 model workers' representatives, including Han Jigang, Gao Jiming, Li Fuyuan and Wang Chunbao, spoke on how to further play the role of demonstration and guidance, and offered suggestions for the development of the company. Everyone agreed that in the future work, we should continue to set an example and be brave to take responsibility, so as to make new contributions to realizing the company's comprehensive profitability, comprehensively improving its competitiveness, and building a high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise

Chang Zhanfang first congratulated the model worker representatives on behalf of the company, hoping that everyone should not only cherish the honor and fulfill their mission, but also take care of their health and work happily. He said that everyone has created brilliant achievements in extremely ordinary positions, which fully reflects the spirit of model workers in the new era and is very worthy of respect. Model workers are a kind of spirit, a kind of strength, but also a kind of support. The model workers present here are the epitome of the 2000 workers of Xuangong. In your body, you embody the excellent qualities of Xuangong workers, such as hard-working, brave, dare to think and work, unremitting struggle, selfless dedication and so on. This shapeless power is a great wealth for Xuangong. For Xuangong, the model workers' team is not only a spiritual embodiment, but also the embodiment of Xuangong's brand value. When it is difficult for the enterprise to meet the standard of ultrasonic nondestructive testing, you will never give up. It is very worthy of respect to cultivate talents for the enterprise and make contributions to production and operation

Chang Zhanfang stressed that at present, the whole construction machinery market demand is still not booming, and domestic construction machinery manufacturing enterprises generally show the phenomenon of insufficient operation and declining sales. Under this new normal, enterprises need the spirit of model workers more. We must deal with the pressure correctly, objectively analyze the current situation of enterprise development, change the old ideas, break the shackles, improve the spirit, condense positive energy, inject a new vitality that is good at learning, dare to surpass and dare to change into the publicity work, and become the leader of the industry. The spirit of model workers should reflect the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. A model worker is a seed that can blossom and bear fruit with soil. Through the demonstration and guidance of model workers, the company hopes to influence and drive a group of people to base themselves on their posts with high speed and precision, do their own work well, drive the whole plant to form an atmosphere of learning to catch up with others, improve their energy, and forge a team of workers who can fight hard and dare to win. It is hoped that the model worker can play a good role in guiding and guiding the enterprise, train more talents on various production lines for the enterprise, and help young workers to quickly improve and be independent. In the new development period, the spirit of model workers is more needed. It is hoped that the model workers' team will face the future while creating history, realize new leaps, make new achievements, and create new brilliance, so as to make new contributions to the development of publicity work

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