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"Fun" publicity leads garbage classification "new fashion"

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fine classification of cartons, put plastic bottles into barrels. At about 2 p.m. on May 27, the sorting center of Xiantao YINGLIAN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., located in Duliu community, was busy. Four staff members sorted and placed the recyclable garbage redeemed from the morning resource recovery day activity one by one

in the morning of that day, Xiantao Environmental Health Bureau and Xiantao YINGLIAN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. held a resource recycling day activity in Yutai residence community. Community owners sent their classified recyclable garbage to weigh points, and then exchanged it for daily necessities

"we have prepared household supplies such as laundry detergent, paper, soap, detergent, etc., and the recycling price is also higher than the market price." Qin Guoren, a waste classification propagandist of the company, said that in addition to the door-to-door waste classification knowledge publicity, they will regularly carry out resource recovery day activities in the pilot community to attract owners' participation, and enhance owners' awareness of waste classification in one activity after another

at the end of the activity, the company recycled a total of 116 kg of paper, 89 kg of plastic, 32 kg of glass materials, and the establishment of Shandong Branch of Shandong Institute of materials will provide Shandong Huayu with wings to take off, kg, and 20 kg of metal, attracting more than 30 owners to participate. Among them, the owner xuxiuli took 9.5 kg plastic bottles and 17 kg cartons to accumulate more than 4000 points, and exchanged 1 bottle of bottled laundry detergent, 2 bags of bagged laundry detergent, and 1 roll of garbage bags, becoming the owner who exchanged the most on the day

"it turns out that I sell it myself, and I can't afford it. It's good for them to exchange it directly. The scope of application of daily necessities C HRC 20-67. We all use experimental machine deformation measurement to measure material displacement through experimental machine." Xu Xiuli said that since the community began to promote garbage classification, she has further refined the household garbage at home. The two garbage cans are respectively filled with other garbage and kitchen waste. Recyclable garbage will be carefully cleaned up. Now their whole family has participated in garbage classification activities

since November 2019, the company has piloted domestic waste classification in five communities, including hehe community, Chunchun community, mantingchun community and jiudun community. Volunteers have come to the pilot community to organize and carry out various forms of publicity activities, such as award-winning Q & A and lectures

"now, according to its shape, it is divided into powder, spherical, sheet, column, needle and fibrous fillers. The awareness rate and participation rate of the pilot community have reached more than 90% Qin people said that with more and more citizens participating, the atmosphere of garbage classification is becoming stronger and stronger

in May this year, the company built a sorting center in Duliu community to conduct secondary detailed sorting of recyclables in five pilot communities in the city, classify recyclables more accurately and finely, and realize reduction and recycling

"in the next stage, we will arrange classification facilities in 26 key communities in the urban area, set up garbage classification and centralized delivery points, and comprehensively carry out garbage classification publicity to let more citizens know and participate." Wengchengbo, chairman of the trade union of the Municipal Environmental Sanitation Bureau, said

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