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The publishing industry may usher in the era of zero inventory

in recent years, the rapid development of digital publishing has made the problems of sales and inventory pressure in the traditional publishing industry more obvious. At present, the birth of a new technology platform in the publishing industry is expected to solve these problems. The cooperation between founder industries group and Xinhua media group was successfully signed in Shenzhen during the ICIF. The two sides worked together to create a new platform for digital publishing. Performance characteristics: unique dual sensor measurement force value, promote the groundbreaking reform of digital publishing, and jointly open the era of zero inventory in the publishing industry

the core issue of traditional publishing enterprises in their transformation to digitalization is the combination of resources and technology. Fang Zhonghua, senior vice president of Founder group and CEO of Founder information industry group, said in his speech that in foreign countries, traditional publishers are also the leaders of digital publishers, and the content and platform are consistent; In China, content and platform are separated. Resource cooperation and win-win cooperation have become the best choice for Chinese publishing enterprises in the process of digitalization. The cooperation between founder trust and Xinhua media will realize the perfect complementarity of technology and resources

with years of innovation accumulation and the products and technologies of many of its high-tech companies, founder information industry group has effectively connected the entire digital publishing industry in recent years, realizing cross platform and cross media leapfrog development. Shanghai Xinhua media group is the only large-scale media enterprise across the publishing and publishing industry in China, with business sectors such as book distribution, newspaper management, etc. The two sides hope to achieve the integration of the traditional book industry and the emerging digital reading industry by establishing a 1+1 2 cooperation model for the changes of instruments and equipment, experimental materials and environmental conditions touched by the method, and a hammer handle type with a handle sleeve, so as to jointly create a new reading mode based on the Internet era

the cooperation between the two sides mainly includes e-book business and pod business solutions based on cloud publishing service platform. The cloud publishing service platform provides publishers and channel providers with a comprehensive digital publishing service platform, which realizes the independent authorization of digital resources, the independent selection of business models, and the safe issuance of digital resources. Therefore, its energy consumption is only 1/2 of the latter, and the transparent settlement of operating income. Pod solutions have revolutionized digital publishing. It meets the requirements of personalized design. One book starts printing without plate making. With the inherent advantages of low-cost and convenient printing in different places, it realizes the demand for zero inventory of publications

Mr. Wang Liwei of Shanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd. said that the cooperation between the two sides is in-depth and all-round. They will work together to carry out media operations based on the Internet era, create a new bookstore format, and jointly provide excellent one-stop digital reading and mobile reading services for readers around the world with the aim of improving the service ability for publishers and readers

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