Safety technical measures for the construction of

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Safety technical measures for high pier and column construction

1. Project outline

highway is the primary component of Expressway in our province, the "continuity" in the plan of Expressway support in our province, and the "horizontal" in the plan of municipal support

the project of section 1 of the treaty undertaken by our company - The Da Nianye bridge, with a total length of 878m, is a critical node project of all sections and also a regulatory project of the project department. The layout of the bridge is: simply supported and then continuously prestressed concrete T-beam with a span of M. The lower layout adopts double column piers, and the bored piles are connected to the foundation of the bearing platform. Its pier column bottom is 2.6m 2.6m; The upper 2.6m 2.4m variable section shape. The height of the bridge is above level 4 and up to 40 meters, which is the bridge project with the largest span, the highest uniform pier column and the greatest construction difficulty

2. The construction of high piers and columns is the primary node project with the greatest construction difficulty, high technical content and strict requirements for operators. Its special air homework, more easily produce Enron hidden dangers and various Enron accidents. Therefore, strengthening the process control of each homework link and ensuring the safety of personal wealth should be put in the first place. The project department should do a good job in the safe production of high piers from the bottom. The project department establishes a leading group for Enron production of high pier columns, with the project manager as the team leader, the executive deputy manager and the Enron section as the deputy team leader. The members include: and other staff. The leading group has full authority to guide the normal tasks of Enron production of high pier columns, and is responsible for Enron construction. It formulates and implements the following Enron production operating procedures:

1, Enron operating procedures for electric welders; 2. Operating procedures for tensioning Enron; 3. Safe operation procedures of hoisting industry; 4. Safe operation procedures for concrete escort pump; 5. Safe operation procedures for pouring and tamping; 6. Safe operation procedures for agile vehicles on site; Formulate and implement four systems: safe production management system at the construction site; Safe production education system; Enron production inspection system, construction machinery management system

3. Enron technology management and methods at the construction site

Enron management at the construction site focuses on the control of people's unsafe actions and material unsafe conditions, and a3=w2 should be done well × (f2-f1)=0.05 × (2000 ⑴ 000) =50 Enron handling, we should adhere to the principle of prevention first, take precautions and focus on beforehand control. For the project entity, after we stop seriously analyzing Enron achievements and unsafe factors that can be encountered in the construction, we should formulate relevant handling methods:

1. Three level Enron education methods for vocational workers: all handling staff entering the construction site must participate in the targeted Enron legal education by the project department, Enron technology knowledge education; Enron attitude education. In particular, let them grasp the requirements of safe management and safe operation technology, prevent the appearance of "three backs", achieve the effectiveness of three-level safe education, and achieve the goal of safe operation of people and safe condition of things

2. Safety technical requirements and methods of construction staff: according to the characteristics of high pier and column construction, all operators entering the construction site should make the following moderation requirements:

⑴ handling methods of special homework staff: special homework operators must hold valid certificates that have passed the rest part test and be reviewed by the project Department; According to the construction process and construction process, the special homework staff of each team have the same equipment selected and transferred by the project department, and they should be registered and recorded. The team should be firmly certified to ensure the quantity and quality of special homework operators

⑵ handling method of construction workers: the construction workers are controlled between the ages of spring and autumn, and have the advantage of cooperation in the air industry chain: their peers are skilled workers with experience in fire lessons, Same place "Guoliang copper high conductivity corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new material has just been mass-produced and put into health examination in August. Employees who are not suitable for aerial work, such as hypertension, heart disease, epilepsy, and so on, should enter the construction work. Aerial work personnel should strictly follow the aerial work procedures. The high wind above level 5 should curb the work, and it is not allowed to throw down. They must wear safety helmets, anti-skid shoes, fasten safety belts, and electrical work personnel should wear insulating shoes. Mold Plate, electric welding, reinforcement, pouring and tamping operators should stand on the operation platform, and they should take precautions within the radius of the homework during hoisting, and there should be special personnel for instructions

3. Technical measures for safe control on the construction site: in view of the characteristics of high pier and column construction and the recent situation of the surrounding environment, the following measures are adopted

⑴ because the 1# pile location is adjacent to the highway, a double row of fastener type protective wall is erected with a steel pipe frame outside the highway shoulder. The protective wall can be erected by adopting a high-pressure differential probe (100x/500x) surface and adopting a vertical lining to prevent non construction personnel from entering and ensure the safe driving of social vehicles

⑵ implement closed construction between 2 #-11 # pile positions. Set up warning signs at the closed revenue and expenditure openings at both ends [warning signs can be 1.2m 2.4m warning signs]; At the passing places of the two rural roads at the 11 #-12 #, 12 #-13 # pile positions, the rotation type temporary closure was stopped during the construction, and an additional Enron duty staff was assigned, which was by no means the construction staff entering the homework area

⑶ before the construction of each pier column, set up warning lines within the pier column homework space to prevent relevant staff from entering

⑷ a full-time Enron inspector shall be set at the construction site. The inspector of Enron stopped supervising and inspecting the tasks of Enron production and civilized construction at the construction site and directly served as the project department

⑷ hang and post Enron propaganda knowledge, Enron slogans, warning signs, operating procedures, rules and regulations according to the unqualified construction contents and requirements at each construction work point

4. Enron technology method for each process of subdivisional works

I). Erection and removal of steel pipe scaffold

1. Considering the unran construction, set up a self-supporting double row fastener steel pipe frame for each high pier column. The steel pipe is suitable for the requirements of GB700 "technical prerequisites for plain carbon layout steel", with an outer diameter of 48 mm and a wall thickness 5㎜; The fasteners shall comply with the provisions of gb15831 steel pipe scaffold fasteners. Its erection requirements: ① according to the construction process, the geometric shape of the pier column should be lowered and erected at equal intervals for three times, and the pier column should be separated by 30 cm. It should be isolated in four steps from bottom to top. ② At the end of each erection of the scaffold, cross bracing shall be set up with ф 15 the steel wire rope shall be set with 60 cable wind ropes at the four corners of the top surface of the scaffold, and the degree of arrangement around it. The dense horizontal lining shall be adopted vertically, and the warning signs shall be hung. ③ The bottom of the scaffold upright shall be vertically and stably placed on the large volume cushion cap, and the vertical and horizontal connecting rods shall be set. The upright shall be equidistant, and the longitudinal spacing shall not be greater than 1.5 meters. ④ The scaffold construction layer shall be paved with scaffold boards in three steps. The scaffold boards must be paved firmly, and the slope of the ramp is not greater than 1:3, and anti-skid strips shall be nailed

2. The following requirements should be observed for the removal of steel pipe frames:

① understand that there are special instructions during the removal; ② Comprehensively check whether there are suspensions in the frame and pier column; ③ Designate a special person to take warning; ④ The dismantlement must be stopped from top to bottom according to the reverse sequence of erection, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle up and down at the same time; ⑤ The folded steel pipes, scaffolds, fasteners, Enron and other objects should be collected and transported together at the same operation level to prevent them from being thrown down, so as to ensure orderly notification and neat stacking

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