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Technical safety measures for the connection between the return air downhill and the transportation roadway

1. During production, the safety management organization, post system, reward and punishment system, shift change system, safety activity system, initiating explosive device system, etc. must be established and improved. All work must be assigned full-time safety management personnel to uniformly direct the work. Before entering the working face, check the working face first and arrange personnel to enter the working place to work after ensuring that there are no potential safety hazards

2. All types of work must be trained and qualified, and only after learning and understanding the operating procedures can they be allowed to work. During the operation, the "three procedures" must be strictly implemented, and the safety production system must be strengthened. During the specific operation of all types of work, the operation shall be carried out according to the operating procedures

3. Operators shall attend the pre shift meeting every day, check hidden dangers, determine measures, make shift handover records, and carry out production on the basis of ensuring safety

4. After the previous shift is laid off and the previous shift is on duty, its team leader, safety officer, inspector and other relevant personnel must carry out on-site handover on the project quality, safety status and remaining problems of the working face

5. Operators of mechanical and electrical posts must check on site and hand over the equipment under their control. Strictly implement the post system to ensure the safe operation of equipment

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6. The personnel at each operation site of the working face must hand over the project quality and safety conditions within the scope of work to the next shift

II. Construction preparation

1. Before construction, the team leader is responsible for organizing relevant personnel to convey and implement the operation procedures and relevant measures, and conduct examination and signature. Only after passing the examination can they go down to work. Unqualified personnel must make up the examination and pass the examination before going down to work. If the examination cannot be carried out in time due to problems, supplementary implementation and examination must be carried out, and the work can only be carried out after passing the examination

2. Before construction, the technology department must give the opening position in advance, mark the center line, and the construction unit must strictly follow the line

3. The support and environment must be checked, reinforced and cleaned before opening

4. Before opening, a formal ventilation system and other systems should be formed according to the design requirements in advance, and can be used normally. At the same time, various supporting materials and required tools should be prepared

5. The construction can only be carried out after being checked and approved by relevant functional departments and with the commencement notice issued by the technology department

three, one ventilation and three prevention

(I) ventilation management

1. The working face adopts a simple ventilation system composed of double fans. The location of local fans should be reasonable, the equipment should be complete, and silencers should be installed; The fan must be hung or placed on a special local ventilation frame, and the height from the bottom plate shall not be less than 0.3m. However, some users often choose a 3M model when their experimental space is about 2m. The two local fans must be staggered by a certain distance and must not be installed in a straight line. It is strictly forbidden to stack sundries in the air inlet roadway within 10m near the suction outlet of local ventilator

2. The power supply of local fans must implement "wind power locking" with the electrical equipment in the air supply roadway, and the construction unit shall check the "wind power locking" every day

3. The local ventilator must ensure normal operation, and it is not allowed to stop and start the local ventilator at will

4. The air duct joint should be tight without notch and reverse joint. The joint should be pressed against the edge, the air duct should be hung straight, and the ring must be hung. Elbows must be set at the corners, and it is strictly forbidden to turn dead bends

5. The outlet of the air duct shall be no more than 5m away from the working face, and there must be two spare air ducts on the working face

6. When the gas concentration in the heading face reaches 1.0% and the carbon dioxide concentration reaches 1.5%, the operation must be stopped immediately, the power supply must be cut off, and measures must be taken to deal with it

7. For electrical equipment that cuts off the power supply because the gas concentration exceeds the regulations, the power can be restored manually only when the gas concentration drops below 1.0%

8. Reorganize special targeted measures in abnormal areas during tunneling

9. Make preparations for the adjustment of the ventilation system when approaching the tunnel penetration

(II). Fire prevention management

1. At present, the horizontal tensile testing machines produced by Shandong Sida high tech in the working face mainly include: steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine, law ⑶ 00 microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine, 50t/100t/200t power fittings horizontal tensile testing machine, etc. storage is strictly prohibited. 3. Technical training: kerosene, diesel and other inflammables during equipment commissioning, scrubbing the cotton yarn of the equipment After use, the cloth head must be put into an iron bucket for sealing, and recycled to the ground. It is strictly forbidden to throw it away at will. All kinds of grease substances left on the working face must be recycled to the ground in a closed manner, and it is strictly forbidden to spill them at will

2. When the electrical equipment is on fire, the power supply should be cut off first. After cutting off the power supply, only non-conductive fire extinguishing equipment is allowed to be used to extinguish the fire. When the grease is on fire, it is forbidden to extinguish the fire directly with water, and yellow sand or dry powder must be used to extinguish the fire

IV. roof management

1. The system of "knocking on the side and asking for the top" must be adhered to, and empty roof operation is strictly prohibited. Before entering the work every time, pay attention to the changes of the roof and two sides. The team leader or team leader must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the roof and floor of the working face, and can enter only after confirming that there is no potential safety hazard. Before drilling and supporting, experienced workers must stand in a safe place and pry away dangerous rocks and floating gangues with long handled tools

2. After training, the construction personnel are familiar with the performance, use methods and precautions of various appliances, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures

3. Before blasting, the support within 10m in front of the work must be reinforced before blasting. If it is found that the scaffolding is damaged, it should be replaced in time, and the iron shed that is crooked by blasting should be re supported in time before operation

4. Temporary support must be done before permanent support for tunneling operation. When erecting temporary support, it must not be supported on floating coal, but on the solid bottom

5. The permanently supported shed legs shall not be erected on the floating gangue, and the top of the pan top must be tight

6. The spacing of the scaffolding should meet the support requirements. The scaffolding should have a hill facing angle and be strong against the hill. When the conditions change, the spacing of the scaffolding should be reduced according to the actual situation

7. When the coal seam is too soft and the rock stratum is in the geological fracture zone, the front detection beam or other measures must be adopted

8. Often observe the changes of the roadway. If there is serious damage, support must be strengthened in time

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