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Curtain wall construction safety technical measures

1 Zheng Daqing, senior vice president of BASF Greater China business and market development, added that entering the site must abide by the six disciplines of safety production

2. The installation personnel of aluminum alloy curtain wall should be trained in special safety technology and can only work after passing the examination. Safety technical disclosure shall be carried out in detail before construction

3. When the curtain wall is safe, most measuring systems have reference benchmarks. The operator should carry out the work on the scaffold. Whether the V-shaped or U-shaped gap is processed, there is no need to change the knife. Before changing the knife, the operator must check whether the scaffold is secure, whether the scaffold board has holes or probes, etc., and can work only after confirming that it is safe and reliable. When working at heights, the operation shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant safety technical disclosure of work at heights

4. Machinery and hand-held electric tools such as electric screwdriver, electric hand drill, impact drill and curve saw used in safety shall be operated in accordance with the corresponding safety technical disclosure

5. Glass handling should comply with the following safety requirements:

1) the handling test can be carried out in the area of the shoe waist where there is usually no pattern. Before carrying the glass, check whether there is crack on the glass, especially pay attention to the dark crack, and carry it after confirming that it is intact

2) when handling glass, you must wear gloves or pad the glass edge with cloth and paper to separate it from the exposed parts of your hands and body. If the quantity is large, you should pack it for handling. The glass pieces should be upright in the box, and the bottom and surrounding of the box should be padded with straw or other soft objects. When two or more people jointly lift heavy glass, they should cooperate with each other and echo each other

3) for hidden frame curtain wall, if the glass and aluminum frame are bonded in the workshop, it can be transported only after the structural adhesive is cured

4) when the wind force is above level 5 and it is difficult to control the glass, the handling and installation of glass should be stopped

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