Safety technical measures for the exploration of t

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Safety technical measures for air shaft exploration

at 10:00 a.m. on March 21, 2013, the construction staff heard the sound of water flow in the air shaft. In order to find out the notice, the mine decided to send people to the air shaft further after discussion. Finding out the notice is the basis for the next step of flood management task. In order to ensure the personal safety of the staff of the exploration task, the following safety technical measures for the flexibility of the encoder are specially formulated:

1 At first, the technology department will measure the water level in the air shaft to further confirm the water level elevation in the air shaft, so as to provide basis for the installation of some ventilators and air shafts of lower devices in the motor work area

2. Some ventilators are installed in the motor work area. Some ventilators are secretly separated from the dominant side of the air shaft wellhead by more than 20 meters, and some ventilators are separated by more than 30 cm in the air

3. Lower the air duct from the wellhead of the air shaft. The hanging of the air duct should be vertical, the discussion should be thoughtful, the positive and negative edge pressing should be well pressed, and there should be no air leakage. The air duct should adopt a small winch, and the steel wire rope should be firm. The air duct and the steel wire rope must be firmly connected and bound securely. It is strictly forbidden to fall, slide, and disconnect

4. Only the air duct with coal safety mark, product certificate, suitable antistatic and flame retardant requirements can be used to supply air to the shaft

5. The explosion scene of electrical appliances must be destroyed within 30 meters around the air shaft wellhead, and any open fire source is strictly prohibited

6. The air outlet entering the air shaft, especially in the external wall insulation system, announced that it had passed the new dsm-agi Taiwan factory system, with an interval of more than 5 meters from the degree surface in the shaft. It should be prevented that the distance between the air outlet of the air duct and the water surface is too large, which will lead to staff hypoxia and disorder

7. About 20 minutes after the fan is normally turned on, a full-time tile inspector stops gas detection and confirms that the harmful gas Department exceeds the limit before allowing the staff to go down to the well for work

8. When some fans are turned on, it is not allowed to turn on with one key. In the process of turning on, it is necessary to turn on several times. When the air supply of the air duct blows normally, turn on some fans normally

9. When employees enter the shaft work class, no one at the wellhead shall stop other work. Sundries at the outlet of the air shaft and around the explosion-proof cover of the wellhead must be cleaned to prevent falling objects from injuring people

10. Before entering the shaft, the homework staff must have a full-time gas inspector to further check the concentration of harmful gas and oxygen in the shaft

11. The staff entering the shaft for homework must carry miner's lamp, various gas detectors, compressed oxygen self timer and interphone for communication, and ensure that the equipment is in excellent condition

12. The number of staff entering the shaft for homework shall not be less than 2. One of them shall stop gas detection and supervision, and one shall check the safety condition between ladders and the condition in the shaft. The distance between the two people is not greater than the distance between ladders, so as to take care of each other

13. When the staff enter the shaft work class, the wellhead must be a full-time observation staff, keep in continuous contact with the construction staff entering the shaft, and take a personal taste of the situation of the staff working in the shaft

14. When entering the ladder room of the shaft, the staff should establish a safe high-low refrigeration cycle safely. They should adopt the idea of "reverse card if the cycle is the first". When stopping checking the work class, they should go down slowly, check the safety condition between the ladders at any time, and hold firmly during walking to prevent slipping

15. During the inspection of the staff, if the premise is changed and the concentration of harmful gas exceeds the limit, it is impossible to ensure that the staff are safe. Stop going to the upper ladder room in time, and do not go down continuously

16. When installing the air duct around the shaft, the homework staff should be responsible for carefully checking the positive and negative edge pressing environment of the shaft to prevent myself from falling apart in the process of placing

17. The motor equipment used around the shaft must be well sealed, and the idle bell mouth must be equipped with a baffle to eliminate the phenomenon of equipment explosion

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