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Safety technical measures for tunnel construction

1. Tunnel construction should be the focus of safety standard site construction, carefully prepare site safety implementation standards, comprehensively plan, reasonably arrange, standardize command behavior, operation behavior and on-site production facilities, and implement standardized management

2. The practical construction organization design should be in accordance with the specifications, safety regulations and design requirements, combined with the terrain, landform and hydrogeological conditions, scientifically select the excavation, support, lining methods and processes, and formulate detailed and specific safety technical measures. During construction, it should be supplemented and improved in time according to the changes of geological conditions, and safety education and technical disclosure should be done carefully

3. For tunnels in weak surrounding rock, unfavorable geology, special geology or shallow burial, eccentric pressure, landslide sections, technical demonstration should be organized to determine drilling and blasting, tunneling, and support schemes

4. Ventilation pipes, high-pressure air pipes, water pipes, lighting lines, transmission lines, transportation roads and pedestrian roads in the tunnel should be planned in a unified manner, and maintenance should be strengthened to ensure neat layout and good condition. The mechanical equipment shall be stored in a fixed position, and the materials and tools shall be stacked neatly, which shall be kept by a specially assigned person

5. The construction in the tunnel shall be under the unified command of the on duty foreman, and the excavation, lining and transportation operations shall be reasonably arranged according to the construction organization design to reduce the intersection and mutual interference

6. Blasting design shall be made for blasting excavation. When smooth blasting or presplitting blasting technology is adopted, parameters such as peripheral hole spacing, extrapolation angle and charge amount must be strictly controlled to reduce the disturbance to surrounding rock and the number of over and under excavation

7. After blasting, special personnel should be assigned to inspect, deal with dangerous stones and suspended stones, and assign someone to supervise. After confirming the safety, other personnel are allowed to enter the working face. Do a good job of dust prevention in the cave and reduce the dust concentration

8. The temporary support shall be subject to the design documents and specifications. Generally, the maximum distance shall not be greater than the footage distance of two rounds of blasting

9. The spacing between arch frames and anchor bolts, the length and direction of anchor bolts and the thickness of concrete spraying shall be strictly controlled according to the design standards for the grid arch and shotcrete anchor support, and the "shotcrete anchor support construction record" shall be carefully filled out for future reference (Appendix V of the technical specifications for railway tunnel construction). Check the anchor rod, then how to protect it? There are two basic ways to resist pullout force. One group of 300 anchor rods shall be sampled, and each group shall not be less than 3

10. Changing the type and standard of temporary support must be approved by the project management department and agreed by the designer and supervisor. It is strictly forbidden to lower the support standard at the construction site

11. Timely adjust the excavation and lining progress and control the length of unlined section. Generally, it shall not be greater than 80 meters. The lining working face in sections with special unfavorable geology shall closely follow the excavation working face

12. After the construction of each process of the tunnel is fully carried out, the portal construction should be arranged as soon as possible. In general, the portal end wall and wing wall shall be completed 50 meters after the completion of lining. In any case, "when Zibo is the capital of materials and ceramics, the lining is 100 meters (single port) When above, the portal must be well prepared

13. The ventilation system in the tunnel should be designed, comprehensive dust prevention measures should be taken, and the concentration of dust and harmful gases should be tested regularly. The maintenance and use system of ventilation facilities shall be formulated, and special personnel shall be responsible for it. Communication equipment shall be arranged in priority to ensure timely supply

14. In the tunnel section, the power supply line must be erected formally. Low voltage lighting, power line and cable must be used for power supply in the unfinished tunnel section, and it should be laid overhead in a fixed position

15. A strict requisition and return system should be established for blasting equipment, and storage outside the warehouse is strictly prohibited. The on-site foreman should be specifically responsible for requisition approval and master the quantity of requisition and return

16. Transport tracks and roads should be maintained by special personnel. Battery car drivers and liaison officers should establish reliable signal contact, implement a call response system, and non drivers and passengers are strictly prohibited from taking transport vehicles; The trackless transportation road shall be kept flat and the ponding shall be drained in time. If conditions permit, isolation signs shall be set between sidewalks and transportation roads; Technical standards shall be specified for temporary access roads and ballast unloading lines outside the tunnel to ensure safety needs

17. Propaganda slogans and warning signs should be set inside and outside the tunnel, so that operators can see them everywhere and improve the safety awareness of "three no injuries"

18. Full time security inspectors should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the construction site every shift, especially pay attention to strengthening the inspection of the surrounding rock and temporary support status, do not miss any small changes, and make records level by level. If any problem is found, it shall be timely submitted to the leaders for taking measures and properly handled. The construction technology department shall carefully observe and measure the deformation of the temporary support, and carefully record and process the data, so as to modify the support parameters and improve the method of the construction party to return to the city and enter the park with the help of the steel trade market

19. The tunnel construction should formulate the rescue plan for collapse prevention, water inrush, gas, etc., equip necessary rescue machinery and materials, clarify the organization and personnel division, and take measures quickly in case of problems to reduce the impact and loss

20. Reasonably arrange the cultural and material life of operators and create a good atmosphere of safe production. The medical room on the construction site shall strengthen the surgical force and be equipped with necessary surgical rescue drugs and equipment. Staff hospitals should be set up in areas with inconvenient transportation to deal with the injured and injured in an emergency

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